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Is your office feeling a little musty? We know that can happen when it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Give your office the deep clean it needs with our environmentally friendly dry carpet cleaning service. Our technicians will remove dirt, allergens, and stains from your carpets in no time.

Services We Offer*1667256433096*1666461666851*1666461652217*1649287286734*istockphoto-964899892-612x612*jpg?alt=media&token=edb26c8d-6cfd-44a9-a574-cf8fdf55cf3b

Dry Carpets In 1 Hour

The best way to ensure your carpet is clean and fresh? Dry carpet cleaning. It’s a dry process that uses an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable solution that will leave your carpets looking and smelling good as new.*nb%20Stain_guarantee-removebg-preview*png?alt=media&token=44c64c88-9e69-423c-ad13-df5997c8eec3

Best of all those pesky stains are guaranteed not to return!

Carpet Protector

Your carpet takes a beating that is why we offer Carpet Protector services.  By choosing to add Carpet Protector it will help protect your carpet and keep it looking like new for longer.*1667256435388*1666461669238*1666461654819*1638399748960*LVT%2525252520Flooring*jpeg?alt=media&token=7c09bab3-c7af-4a5d-aa55-8c8ef8ba6e74

Our 8 Step Cleaning Process

Our 8 step cleaning process will pamper your carpets.
In the end our 8 step cleaning process will leave your carpets looking as good as new!
Once you see how great they look you will want to set up a maintenance program and never have to worry about your carpet cleaning again.

The Always Beautiful Maintenance Program

Set up a maintenance program and put your carpet cleaning on a customized autopilot.  You will always have a beautiful and spotless carpet !*1667256436735*1666461670612*1666461656330*1628648146263*New%2525252520Project*png?alt=media&token=cc46f457-c5e8-407c-bc6d-3c51eda2f086*1667256437626*1666461671442*1666461657232*1628648146263*New%2525252520Project*png?alt=media&token=3ec25452-28d0-4c76-9d61-b19eb736674e

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Cleaning Machine is committed to doing everything we can to keep our customers and communities safe. That’s why we offer a range of services, including dry carpet cleaning, carpet protector, and upholstery cleaning. Our products are eco-friendly and safe for your office, clients, or pets.

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