Empty soap dispensers … again?! 

With so many cleaning companies out there. It’s hard to know which company you should choose and even harder to find out who is responsible  enough to clean your facility properly and also monitor their team.

Signs Of Insufficient Supervision

The first signs that your current company is not supervising their team are usually overlooked because they are so simple.

Have you noticed any of the following on a repeated basis:

  • Soap and Hand Sanitizer dispensers routinely empty
  • Paper Towel dispensers routinely empty
  • Lights in the facility being left on
  • Alarms or doors being left unsecured
  • Rolls of trash bags or cleaning chemicals left out 
  • Missing liners in trash cans
  • Areas or items repeatedly missed
  • Items not returned to their proper places
  • Janitor closet in disarray
  • SDS for their cleaning chemicals are not on-site

If they are missing these simple things...

🤔 What other services is your current cleaning company not performing? 🤔

Exposing your cleaning companies dirty little secrets 

The best way to reveal the dirty little secrets of your current cleaning company is to audit their cleaning. 

A 72 point cleaning audit is the perfect solution for verifying that you have a trustworthy, reputable, and effective cleaning service.

Request Your Cleaning Audit Today!

72 Point Cleaning Audit Process

Our unique process is guaranteed to provide you with the best cleaning service audit possible.

  • Find out if your current company is as effective as you’ve thought
  • Dig deeper into overlooked items that snowball into big messes
  • See those hidden corners that may be cut
  • Find their dirty little secrets
  • Get recommendations for scope of work or contractor change
  • Holds contractors to your standard
  • A perfect solution for overworked Office Manager's
  • Quick and Effective
  • The Best Part Is There's No Cost To You

    We are dedicated to providing the best solutions for businesses and Managers.  We want to make your life easier by eliminating the additional stress of unqualified vendors and replace them with the best available to you.

    Do you feel like Mitsue who said 

     "cleaning companies are the bane of my existence."

    Then You're Ready!

    Get your cleaning audit

    - without endless hours of investigation 
    - without copious amounts of notes 

    Getting your cleaning audit is a simple as 1, 2, 3

    Do You Plan To Be Change Cleaning Companies